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How To Automatically Insert Lyrics To Mp3 File

If you are in love with just the melodies of the songs, you only love it half. Lyrics matter a lot, and it is said that the lyrics and the music are the pairs that stand for perfection. In this age of technology, accessing music is very easy, and we can find it anywhere and everywhere and carry around a huge number of songs in our mobile phones and also in our PCs. But that’s not all, we at times crave for having the lyrics along with the track, in these circumstances, there are ways in which you can embed lyrics onto the music files, and the lyrics will be displayed whenever you play the song. Not only on your PCs, but this facility is also available on your smart mobile phones now.

How To Automatically Embed Lyrics On Music Files?

A lot of applications are available that instantly searches the lyrics of the ‘now playing’ song and embeds that with the music file. By going deeper into this concept, here are ways that enable a huge number of lyrics to be amalgamated with songs present in your music library.

Insert Lyrics To Mp3 File

How To Insert Lyrics To Mp3 On A MacOS?

Get Lyrical is a handy application available n MacOS that has the capability to embed lyrics with the songs that are present in your music library.

This is the way to get ‘Get Lyrical’ on your Mac:

  • Download and then Install ‘Get Lyrical’ on your MacOS PC.
  • Double click to launch the application; it will instantly launch iTunes along with it.
  • To embed the lyrics of any specific album, open your library in iTunes and choose ‘Albums View’ from the right corner. If you wish to embed lyrics with a full playlist, select ‘Playlists’. Now do the same as mentioned earlier to embed the lyric into it.
  • Select the number of songs you want the lyrics to be embedded and go back to the Get Lyrical app.
  • Click the ‘Tag Selection’ button. This will give access to Get the Lyrical app to use the internet and insert lyrics and support it for offline viewing.

How To Insert Lyrics To Mp3 On Windows OS?

LyricsXpert is an iTunes plug-in available for Windows that let you embed lyrics onto the songs available on your music library.

  • Download and then Install LyricsXpert on the Windows OS PC.
  • Make sure you have the songs that need to be embedded in an iTunes playlist. Launch LyricsXpert, and this will automatically launch iTunes with it.
  • Choose the ‘Load Playlist’ from the menu on LyricsXpert.
  • From the loaded playlist select songs which you want to insert lyrics onto.


How To Insert Lyrics To Mp3 On Android?

Rocket Player is an app that enables the facility to embed lyrics with songs on Android platform. This is the way to use Rocket Player:

  • Download Rocket Player from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch Rocket Player and visit the music tab in this application, play any song you want to from there.
  • To avail, the lyrics, tap ‘More Options’ and select ‘Show Embedded ‘

After you embed the lyrics on to your song once, you can then access it offline also. This is the way to insert lyrics to a mp3 on various platforms. Now don’t enjoy the tune only, enjoy the music too.